Our Story

We love to ride mountain bikes. Who doesn't? Being based in Bentonville, Arkansas–– we've been able to experience the rapid growth of not only our area's trails but Northwest Arkansas' bike culture as well. The combination of our carefully crafted trails and our multitude of local pubs makes biking in the area the perfect social event. 

With all the local events, and different trails to ride on, who wouldn't want to ride in style? Unfortunately, jerseys are expensive–– so when we saw a need for stylish bike jerseys at a more affordable price point, we figured out a solution and want to share. Our jerseys are made from a soft breathable mesh with unrivaled durability, and best of all, they're affordable. 

Here at FLO, we want you to not only enjoy your ride but look good while doing it.

Take a look at what we've been up to since 2017.